Voice of Democracy District Winners

- 1/4/2021

Congratulations to all students that placed First in their District! 
Kallie Carrigee – District 2 – Post 375 
Brenna M. Mayon – District 3 – Post 4222
Samantha R. Marx – District 4 – Post 9210
Keeley S. James – District 5 – Post 3619
Hannah M. Benoit – District 7 – Post 8971
Logan M. Kern – District 8 – Post 3693
Garrett J. LaFollette – District 9 – Post 5735
Layla E. Hill – District 10 – Post 1736
Zoe E. Graham – District 11 – Post 3615
Diya Desai – District 12 – Post 4588 
The First Place State Winner will be announced at the VFW Awards Luncheon on Saturday, January 16, 2021.

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