We are Staff Volunteers  who hold "Day Jobs" so please leave a *voicemail when calling (504) 446-1550 New Number!

This webpage undergoing construction - not responsible for old information, please inquire with Hall Rental Manager with any questions or concerns before placing deposits or signing the contract!

Our Rental Hall has over 6,000 square feet
We can accommodate events from 25 to 300 seated Guest!
We have Standard Rental Fees and Special Negotiated Pricing that is highly competitive!

 Hall Shown by Appointments Only! - Jason (504) 657-0792


Freshly painted walls, including a French Quarter themed mural! 
New floors, and ceiling fans and tiles, and roof.
Air Conditioning/Heating Systems well maintained!
Onsite and Overflow Parking!

Small Hall Seating for 85 Guest includes 10 to 15 round tables & 3 to 6 rectangle tables and 85 cushioned chairs
Large Hall Seating for 125 Guest and includes 10 to 15 round tables & 10 rectangle tables and 125 cushioned chairs 
Entire Hall negotiated depending upon event type and setup
You can mix Round and Rectangular Tables according to your needs and numbers in the package.
  Round Tables are 60" foot in diameter and seats  5 or 6 
Rectangular  are 6 foot in length

On-Site Parking with Over flow Parking nearby

Basic Events can start as early as 8 am and end as late as 11 pm

Alcohol service is allowed but must follow City of Harahan Ordinance for Harahan Police Security Detail Officer(s) based upon the amount of the guest at an additional cost

VFW schedules Police Detail Officers based upon estimated guest count provided by the Renter

Renter is responsible for paying the Officers prior to the start of the event.  No Alcohol Consumption prior to payments!

Event maybe shut down for failure to pay or for underestimating the number of Police Detail Officers required: NO REFUNDS!

In the event either HPD or VFW elects to shutdown an Event is cause for Forfeiture of Security Deposit No Refunds will be given!


VFW Post 3267 is a Firearms Restricted Area - Not to be confused with a Gun Free Zone!  VFW Post 3267 Member may be armed !

No Firearms or Weapons allowed on VFW Post 3267 property by Renters or Guest !

No authorization to NON VFW Members will be granted without prior written authorization.

Law Enforcement Officers as Defined by Louisiana Revised Statues are exempt from this restriction so long as they are not consuming alcohol and have identified themselves to VFW Personnel working the event.

VFW Post 3267 reserves the right to rescind any prior authorizations at any time at the discretion of the VFW Post Personnel Working the Event or VFW Post Officers, or Rental Manager.



VFW Post 3267 Hall Rentals
 1133 Hickory Ave., Harahan, LA 70123
Hall Shown by Appointments Only!
website: https://vfw3267.org/
New number: (504) 446-1550
*Please Leave a Voicemail as we are not open daily but it is checked a couple times a day


No Firearms or Weapons allowed on VFW Post 3267 property without written authorization by

a VFW Post 3267 Officer or the Commander's Designee! 

No authorization will be granted during Rental Events!!!